The TowerEdit

The tower is a gothic styled castle invented (as said so) by the Voice hundred of hundreds of years ago, so that bobbingcrafts of unfortunates come to face the voice and the challenges she set in the tower. The Tower consists of 5 floors, 4 with challenges and 1 is the Fight for Freedom.

The Tower RhymeEdit

The voice invented a rhyme to make unfortunated flood to the tower:

This is not a fairy tale, come and play the game, if you want to take the tower on, you'll have to say his name, it's Wiley, Wiley, Wiley Sneak, NOW IT'S OFF TO THE TOWER, WHERE YOU'LL BE UP AGAINST EACH OTHER, SABOTAGE THE GAME MY FRIEND, BUT DO NOT BLOW YOUR COVER, I AM WAITING FOR YOU KIDDIES, WHO WILL TAKE THE RAFT, AS ONLY ONE WILL ESCAPE AND THE REST...YOU'RE TRAPPED!